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At Calroy Refrigeration, we not only build and supply refrigeration units; we install cold rooms too! We pride ourselves on building top quality cold room solutions, installing and tailoring them to your specific requirements.  Calroy offers all in one cold room and refrigeration solutions, or individual cold room and refrigeration installation.

Why is Calroy the best solution for your business?

Calroy’s cold room builders offer an initial onsite inspection to confirm your cold room construction requirements, prior to installation. On top of this, we give sound, expert advice for suitability of room location, size, refrigeration requirements and so much more! Now that’s great service.

How to Build Your Cold Room
Cold Room Installation with Calroy Gold Coast
Calroy Refrigeration Cold Room Installation Brisbane

Commercial and residential cold room installation

Calroy specialise in commercial and residential properties, and are based in Southport on the Gold Coast; although Gold Coast based, we can travel to any location to meet your cold room installation needs. 

Engaging a professional Calroy cold room builder, will ensure that your cold room, and refrigeration is installed correctly, effectively, and efficiently. Our cold rooms are designed to withstand the harsh Australian conditions, and are made with fewer parts, meaning that our cold rooms are easier to install and can be used in the outback environment. 

All in one installation

Our refrigeration mechanics and installers offer all in one installation of cold rooms and refrigeration. This service significantly reduces customer cost, and time to completion. Meaning you can get your refrigeration running faster! 

Professional mechanics

Calroy only employ experienced cold room builders to ensure that your cold room is built to standard. All our mechanics have at least 15 years’ of cold room building experience throughout Australia and New Zealand. 

Maintenance and servicing

On top of installation of cold rooms and refrigeration. We offer ongoing refrigeration servicing and maintenance; as well as replacement of old refrigeration units. Get in touch with our professional team for all your refrigeration maintenance and servicing needs.  

Reach out!

If you’re looking for cold room installation on the Gold Coast, or any location, reach out to Calroy today. We provide cold room solutions for all customers, from big to small, complex to simple. Our expert team deliver results in an efficient, professional manner that will leave you with a smile and a great refrigeration system.