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Calroy Refrigeration build top quality climate controlled rooms for all types of customer applications.

What are Climate Controlled Rooms

A climate controlled room can be used for a variety of applications. A climate controlled room has the function of controlling humidity and temperature. As opposed to a temperature controlled room which only deals with temperature. The applications of a climate controlled room are much more extensive. Both temperature and humidity work together to control moisture levels inside of a climate controlled room. 

Climate controlled rooms use high quality heating, ventilation, air conditioning, dehumidifiers, custom thermostats, and heavy duty insulation, that manages the humidity in the room. All this works together to keep your goods stored at the optimal humidity and temperature, for prolonged use. Our climate controlled rooms can be designed to a specific temperature and humidity level to achieve the specific conditions for your needs.

Common applications our customer’s have used these rooms for are, drying rooms, vegetable storage, seed storage, clean rooms, aged meat drying rooms and so on. Application of Calroy’s climate controlled rooms is extremely versatile.  

Calroy’s temperature controlled rooms are made from fully insulated Australian made panels and can be fully airtight. Custom lighting can also be installed at each customers’ request. 

As with most of our solutions, Calroy’s rooms are suitable to be outside in the weather but can also be inside sheds or under cover, as each customer requires. 

Our technicians have trade qualifications in refrigeration and air conditioning with specialised training and experience in dehumidification technology.

Controlled Environmental Rooms

Our controlled environment rooms (CER) can provide precise control of temperature, humidity, air quality and lighting. Controlled environmental rooms are essential for producing quality goods that require a controlled environment. 

Tolerance controls are standard with each environmental room in a custom designed, central control panel that enables users to define variable temperature and humidity levels to ensure a successful work environment. Calroy’s controlled environment rooms can be designed and built to meet cGMP and FDA/ICH requirements.

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CER Climate Controlled Room Queensland

Humidity controls

Various humidification/dehumidification options are available to meet almost any application. Please contact us to discuss any specific requirements you may have for your environmental room. 

PID/PLC controls

Calroy’s PID/PLC controls built in to our environmental rooms, allow each client to effectively monitor and set conditions within each environmental room. Temperature control settings are generally sustainable at ±0.5°C.

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