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Cold Room Design
and Installation

Our Standard Rooms are Selling Fast!

Calroy provide a range of standard rooms. These are rooms in a couple of our most common sizes. We are able to provide these rooms at a very competitive price due to large turnover. These rooms come with a plan and instructions for construction. They also come with a drop in refrigeration unit.

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Over 15 Years of experience

Designing and supplying cold rooms and freezer rooms throughout Australia

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Calroy Cold Rooms are designed for the harsh Australian climate. Our Australian made panel is designed to withstand high temperatures and outback conditions. Our refrigeration units are designed on a capillary tube system and able to be run from any 240v power source – generator, solar or wind power. This allows our rooms to be used in outback locations. The simplistic design has fewer mechanical parts which means fewer repairs. Calroy Refrigeration can also take care of all your commercial refrigeration needs. We can service, maintain and replace refrigeration units and make sure your equipment is running to its’ full potential.

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Australian Made

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We offer the best solutions for your business needs.

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Designing and supplying cold rooms and
freezer rooms throughout Australia

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Calroy provide kit set cold rooms to a diverse range of industries throughout Australia. Our aim is to deliver the best possible solution to our customers and their budgets. Enquire Today!