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Thoughts to ponder.

Cold rooms can be any size, cold room panel is manufactured in 1200 mm widths, so standard rooms are 600,1200,1800,2400,3000,3600. Panel is cut at any length, so room height is up to you. Standard heights are 2100 and 2400. A room 2400 x 1800 is much more economical to build than a room 2500 x 1900.

The bigger the room, the bigger the refrigeration equipment and therefore the more expensive to run. Generally cold rooms are made from 75mm thick panel, to suit ambient temperatures of + 32C and room temperatures of + 2C, For higher temperatures or rooms located outside we would recommend 100mm panel. Freezer rooms are made from 150mm thick panel to suit ambient temperatures of + 32C and room temperatures of -18C. 

All rooms can be designed and built to suit your needs.

Shelving greatly increases the storage capacity.

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